Ready To Use Out of The Box Solutions

aCost saving easy to implement solutions. These items are already developed and ready to be used by your organization. No exorbitant investment for research and development needed.

Event Information Registration/ Ticketing

An easy way to provide information, registration and sell tickets for an event. Allows for vendors to register for space and customers to buy tickets.

Wise Women Boise


Disaster Coordination/ Communication

This Program utilizes SMS technology to coordinate emergency services when phone lines are down and internet service in not available.

Nepal Help

SMS Password Reset

Forgottern passwords are the cause of the majority of tech support calls that waste time and money. Use SMS technology to allow users to reset their password without making a call to tech support.

SMS Tool


Copy Protected Content Tool

Provide online content without giving your content away. This tool stops screen capture programs while allowing users to readily access your information.

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